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Qualitative and quantitative studies

The Alternative Culture project aims, on the one hand, the development of a qualitative study on good international cultural policy practices worldwide. This study will use tools such as analyzes and interviews, including guidelines for the following cultural areas:

Visual arts

Performing arts


The Alternative Culture project also aims to develop a quantitative study on artists' perception on the cultural mix that governs the culture field using online surveys. This study will consult stakeholders in the cultural environment directly or indirectly affected by legislative issues. The study will address the following categories:


Cultural NGOs

Commercial companies

Qualitative consultative study











In the study will be analyzed the laws, strategies and public policies regarding the cultural sector in at least 5 European Union countries, highlighting their good practices, results and impact. The content of the qualitative study covers the following:

  1. Basic concepts and definitions for the analysis of public policies in the cultural field

  2. Case studies on the public policies situation in the cultural field in five European Union countries: France, Germany, Denmark, Slovakia, United Kingdom

  3. Qualitative Analysis: Perspectives and opinions on public policies and artist's status in five states of the European Union

  4. Comparative analysis of good practices in the 5 European countries

  5. Cultural Public policies in Romania, member of the European Union

Quantitative study - Survey

The survey will be done online and will have a very friendly interface to facilitate access for as many people as possible from the target group. In this regard, any dissemination aid is very welcome and we would be grateful if you support us in this step to give the opportunity to as many artists and representatives of private or public organizations involved in art as possible to express themselves.

We will not condition the participants with personal data (name, surname, address), they will be able to participate in the survey with at least one e-mail address where they can get a synthesis of the results and will be able to participate later on in other consultations. All responses will be treated with absolute confidentiality and will be processed statistically. Among the benefits to be gained from the quantitative study are:

Economic analysis

The updated documentary analysis of the employment and wage situation in the cultural compared with other economic sectors (statistical data)

Infrastructure analysis

Documentary analysis of the access to culture from a logistic point of view and resources (statistical data)

Evaluating the artist's status

Evaluation: current state of affairs in Romania regarding the status of the artist (opinion poll);

Bottom-up approach

Public policy for artists and people from the cultural field starting from their needs by assessing the impact of the current legislative mix on stakeholders.

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