Press release January 2019 - Alternative Culture

Operational Programme Administrative Capacity 2014-2020

Priority Axis 1: Effective Public Administration and Judiciary System

Specific Objective 1.1: Developing and Introducing Common Systems and Standards in Public Administration that optimize decision-making processes to become friendly to the citizens and business environment, in Accordance with SCAP (Strategy for the Consolidation of the Public Administration).

ALTERNATIVE CULTURE, Contract no. 84 / 29.03.2018, SIPOCA Code 345, MySMIS Code 110829.

The "Alternative Culture" project, initiated by the Flower Power Cultural Association and selected for funding under the POCA 2014-2020, enters the new year with the most relevant stage-training camp in the field of cultural policies, aimed at the target group of Project.


The "Alternative Culture" aims to strengthen the capacity of NGOs and relevant cultural actors to initiate, promote, implement and monitor public policies tailored to the current cultural context in Romania with a view to improving and synchronising it with the European and international cultural environment and formulating an alternative proposal on the artist's status in Romania.


The training camp in the field of public policy will take place between 24-28 January 2019 at the Hotel Palace in Govora, participants being representatives of NGOs active in the cultural field: Cultural managers and artists, as well as members of the team of Project  


The camp will take place training sessions coordinated by the trainers from the project team — Aura Corbeanu and Andreea Grecu. These sessions will propose to the participants an analysis of the national cultural policy in the Romanian public policies, as well as a synthetic analysis of the legislative mix that currently regulates our cultural activities. They will be presented in the work meeting and the results of the two studies conducted within the project, the comparative study on the status of the artist in five European countries and the qualitative study-conducted on the basis of the first results provided by The survey conducted in the project, still open on the website


The main purpose of the Govora working camp is the theoretical presentation and practical methods used in the formulation of public policies, but also discussion within the target group of various proposals and comments on ways to improve Romanian artist status.  

On the occasion of the training camp will be launched at Govora and a handbook drafted by the two cultural trainers Aura Corbeanu and Andreea Grecu.


"The handbook proposes to those interested to actively engage in the life of the fortress an exercise regarding the the steps they can undertake to introduce a change for the better. The content is technical and complies with the complex legal framework and permanently subject to change. The coaches sought to clarify how the arts and culture specialists have a real chance to alter the social-professional status of the artist in Romania, using to the creators the legal instruments they have at hand: Public policy proposals.”, says Andreea Grecu.


The conclusions of the discussions to be held at the Govora camp will be subject to public consultation and will be disseminated to all those interested in improving the status of the Romanian artist through a virtual network that can be Accessed from the project website,

At the next stage of the project, it will also be organised for the purpose of disseminating the public policy proposal and discussing it in the widest possible framework, a series of ten workshops in the main cultural centres in the country.


The work steps and activities within the "Alternative Culture" project can be traced to the, and on the project's social pages.

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