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Useful information/Deliverables

Public Policy Proposal Strengthening a societal status of the artist, author, creator in Romania

Results Survey of opinion among tourists and cultural operators

Results Qualitative study on good practices in cultural policy in 5 European countries

Analysis of the field of cultural and spectacular activities

Applied legislative analysis - mix 6 laws

Analysis: Impact of interventions through grant, non-reimbursable financing and subsidy

Analysis of the economic impact of a public policy proposal

Legislative mix and Systematic and sectoral legislative resources for the extended cultural field

Centralization of artistic and vocational higher education institutions

Centralize collective management bodies with amounts collected and allocated for 2018

Centralization sources of funding

Finance institutions subordinated to the Ministry of Culture and National Identity

NACE codes cultural and creative industries

Artistic occupations

Definition of artist, creator, author in national legislation

Glossary of terms in legislation


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