Press release April 2019 - Alternative Culture

Operational Programme Administrative Capacity 2014-2020

Priority Axis 1: Effective Public Administration and Judiciary System

Specific Objective 1.1: Developing and Introducing Common Systems and Standards in Public Administration that optimize decision-making processes to become friendly to the citizens and business environment, in Accordance with SCAP (Strategy for the Consolidation of the Public Administration).

ALTERNATIVE CULTURE, Contract no. 84 / 29.03.2018, SIPOCA Code 345, MySMIS Code 110829.

In March, in the framework of the "Alternative Culture" project, 17 workshops took place, attended by 55 people invited to discussions on the alternative public policy draft outline. The draft was made in the Cultural Training Camp "Alternative Culture" by the 20 representatives of the active NGOs in the cultural field.

The 17 workshops took place in Bucharest, Timisoara and Cluj and aimed to establish the main lines of the alternative public policy proposal on the repositioning of the Artist Statute in Romania, the main result of the "Alternative Culture" project.

In April, Oana Ioniţă Năsui, coordinator of the public policy "Alternative Culture", works with the legal expert and economics experts to formulate the final proposal on the basis of studies, working meetings and legislation in the field.

" Following a legislative analysis with a mix of 120 systemic, sectoral laws on the creator, either directly or indirectly, the present public policy proposal was initiated to strengthen the socio-professional status of the artist. The formulation of this alternative proposal to public policies is based on real issues identified through recent studies and documents produced so far. The term "artist" is considered as an umbrella name in a positive sense, taking into account both the diversity of contemporary creative manifestations and the specializations of each cultural field, as well as the atomization of unequal definitions and regulations in Romanian legislation. This policy proposes legislative harmonization, not homogenization and an inclusive status, not a uniform one", declares Oana Năsui.


The formulation of a well-documented public policy proposal also requires an analysis of the economic impact that certain proposed changes would have on the categories affected by it.


For defining solutions, analyzing collected data and for more objectivity, it is advisable to call on experts with extensive experience in both creative and public policy. A three-member team can formulate a coherent public policy that serves the stated purpose. The solutions should follow the lines outlined in the Sectoral Strategy for the Development of Cultural and Creative Competencies through partnerships with the education system, formal education service providers and providers of training and lifelong learning services. These competences can be improved through a set of measures applied in an articulated manner through the collaboration of several decision-making institutions: the Ministry of National Education, the Ministry of Labor and Social Justice, the Ministry of Culture and National Identity, the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration, says Andreea Grecu Ciupală, lead expert in the economic impact analysis, within the project team.


In May this year, the alternative public policy proposal put forward by the working team will be subject to public consultation. Consultation will take place online through the website which will make available to all interested parties the text of the public policy proposal and how to participate in the consultation.


On the same website, you can find, uploaded, documents resulting from the project activities, as well as its coverage in the press, radio and TV. You can also watch webinars supported by cultural experts and sign up for the "Alternative Culture" Virtual Network for open-ended communication about its results. Access to the virtual network can be done directly or through existing accounts on major social networking sites.

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