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Project Presentation

This project aims to consolidate the ability of NGOs and other relevant actors in the cultural sector to initiate, promote, implement and watch public policies adapted to the current cultural context of Romania in order to further upgrade and synchronise it with the European and international cultural environment, all of these making the project relevant to the 1.1 specific objective of the Operational Programme Administrative Capacity. The activities of this project aim at both programme results addressed by the call for projects CPP2/2017 within POCA.
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This project’s neccessity comes from the lack of an offical Romanian Artist Status, despite the existing fragments of legislation which approach it in different way. These so called fragments consisting of laws or orders are completed by initiatives of various NGOs trying to contribute to a much more clear definition of a status regarding artists in Romania.
The improvement of the socio-professional status and of the creator’s condition represent a priority to the National Culture and Patrimony Strategy based upon recommendations of UNESCO and the European Comission.
Beside from the enunciation of an alternative proposal regarding the Artist’s Status, another innovative element we are aiming at within this project is the creation of tools meant to help artists be aware and assume their status. These tools will be available mainly online and will have precise objectives regarding: their status on the labour market, fiscal obligations, permanent shaping, financing sources for cultural activities etc.
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