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    This is a subject of debate on the public policy proposal on "Strengthening the social status of the artist, author, creator in Romania".

    We look forward to your feedback in the following format:

    Proposed amendment: ..................

    Justification: ........................

    Discussion section: Benefits

    Easily and transparently sensitive access of non-profit entities to the status of "public utility";

    Granting status of "public utility" to non-profit entities only for the period in which it actually carries out the activity / project of public utility but not more than 3/5/7 years, and not because it contains the object of activity, "public utility activities";

    The possibility of introducing the status of "public utility at the local level" under the above-mentioned conditions, related to the possibility of financing from the local budget, for important / utility projects at local level;

    Real transparency of collecting and managing funds collected from cultural stamp duty; reducing the under-financing of the independent sector and increasing the duration of activity for private and associative organizations and artists;

    The cultural offer of the associative sector and independent artists is more varied as a result of their participation in the decision-making and legislative process through a constant dialogue with local authorities;

    Transforming cultural activities under barter or volunteering into remunerated activities based on contractual relationships (copyright contracts, individual labor contracts).

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