Invitation event debate Young art graduates - between closed doors and open borders

Operational Programme Administrative Capacity 2014-2020

Priority Axis 1: Effective Public Administration and Judiciary System

Specific Objective 1.1: Developing and Introducing Common Systems and Standards in Public Administration that optimize decision-making processes to become friendly to the citizens and business environment, in Accordance with SCAP (Strategy for the Consolidation of the Public Administration).

ALTERNATIVE CULTURE, Contract no. 84 / 29.03.2018, SIPOCA Code 345, MySMIS Code 110829.

On November 15, the Flower Power Cultural Association will support CNR-UNESCO at the event "Open gates at CNR UNESCO”, held between October 29 and November 26, 2018, the event was debated Young art graduates, between closed doors and open borders "


The event will take place at UNESCO headquarters in Anton Cehov Street no. 8, sector 1, Bucharest, Thursday, November 15, between 15:00 and 17:00.


The main theme of the debate is the integration of the young graduates of the Romanian art universities into the present cultural life. Are the institutions prepared to hire young graduates from arts? Are young people eager to engage in artistic institutions? What other possibilities for integrating young artists into the labor market exist in the current cultural landscape? Can the funding of local and central authorities provide support for the development of cultural and artistic initiatives?


The debate will also present to the guests the project "Alternative Culture", a project dedicated to formulating an alternative public policy on the status of the Artist in Romania (, a project initiated by the Flower Power Cultural Association and selected for funding under the POCA 2014-2020 co-funded by the European Union from the European Social Fund. The "Alternative Culture" project also enjoys the patronage of CNR-UNESCO.


We have the invitation to confirm your participation in the event at the addresses sau , addresses you can use to find out more details about this event.